Tips for Moving Heavy Furniture and Bulky Items

Furniture is heavy, and you’re probably going to struggle with the bigger pieces during your next move. Fortunately, a little bit of strategy can go a long when towards making things easier. Taking the time to prepare and do things right will make your move go a lot faster and save you plenty of effort.

Use Lifting Straps

Most people find that their first instinct is to lift heavy objects, often with a partner. That is often your best bet for getting them to your new home, but you should invest in the right tools to make it easier. There are a lot of types of lifting straps that you can use to simplify the job.

They will make sure that the object’s weight gets distributed evenly and help you to lift with the right parts of your body. That will get the most out of your muscle power and reduce the risk of accidents.


Use Furniture Sliders

It can be a lot easier for you to slide heavy items than to lift them if you use the right gear to reduce friction and prevent damage to the floor. You can buy specialized furniture slides to make it easy, but you can also make your own.

You should use hard plastic to slide your furniture over carpeting and soft or padded materials for hard floors. You can even use a few sheets of aluminum foil! Simply put the sliders into position under the item wherever it touches the floor and start sliding it!

Wrap with Blankets

It is easy to accidentally damage your furniture by bumping into something or by scraping it against a wall. It can be hard to fix that damage after the fact, so it is wise to take a little time to protect your furniture  before you move it.

All you need to do is wrap it with a few blankets and secure those blankets with stretch film. The blankets act as a shield to protect the furniture. They can also make it easier to carry by protecting your fingers from worn edges while you are lifting it!

Plan the Landing Zone

You will generally want to spend as little time as possible carrying your heavy furniture, so you don’t want to find yourself trying to figure out where to put it while you are hanging on. You can avoid this problem by careful planning.

Make a map of each room in your new home, and mark the location of every piece of furniture on it. Be sure to measure everything, so you know that your items will fit into their assigned places! For this, floor planning software might come in handy.


The move will go more quickly if you can memorize the map before you arrive, but that isn’t necessary. Simply take a look at it before you pick up each of the items to make sure you know exactly where it is going. This is especially important if you are getting help from your friends because it will ensure that every person is on the same page.

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