How to Pack a Television for a Long Distance Move

Most televisions are very expensive items, so you will want to play it safe when you pack them for a move to make sure they survive it in one piece. They’re fairly delicate items, so it pays to be careful and apply a few special techniques to help protect them from damage.

Unplug and Organize

Your TV probably has a bunch of cords, both for the TV itself and for accessories or attachments. You will need to unplug them to move the TV, and that means you need a way to keep them organized. Sorting your cables and storing the properly will make it much easier to get the TV set up in your new home. Most cables risk damage when they get bent out of shape or tugged too hard, so it is also important to protect them. Almost any of the common cable organization methods will do the job. Just pick your favorite and organize them before you pack the rest of the system.


Use the Original Box

You want your TV to move around as little as possible while you are shipping it. The original box is ideal for preventing movement because it is sized specifically to fit your TV. If you still have the box, be sure to use it when you pack your TV. If you don’t have the original box, you’ll need to find an alternative cardboard TV box. Try to get something that is roughly the same size and shape as the original. Some companies will sell special boxes that simulate the original packaging, but you can make do with almost any box if you don’t want to spend the money.

Pad the Gaps

The container for your TV will probably have some gaps in it. That is a bad thing, because those gaps provide space for the TV to slide around, which risks damage. You can solve that problem by stuffing those gaps with towels, blankets, or any other convenient textiles. They are soft and flexible enough to almost any space easily, and they will stop the TV from moving around. You may need a similar layer of packing around the outside of the box to keep it from sliding around your truck, depending on how you organize things!

Cover the Screen

The screen is the most delicate part of the TV, so it needs some extra prevention to prevent scratches or even shattering. This is the trickiest step, and it does call for some special tools. You will need either a long sheet of bubble wrap, or a sheet of cardboard and some stretch wrap. You will probably have those around from other parts of the move, but you might need to run to the store if you are missing any of them.


If you are using bubble wrap, simply wrap it around the TV while being sure to cover all of the screen. If you are using cardboard, cut a piece that covers the entire screen. Wrap the stretch wrap around the TV and the cardboard to hold it in place. Be sure to make sure that everything is clean and smooth before it goes over the screen to make sure there is no scratching!

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